EOS 485EX Series

E85EX Sensor

The EOS 485EX sensor series offers a unique, high performance optical sensor which can detect and discriminate between the presence of hydrocarbons and water. It can also be calibrated for different types of hydrocarbons.

The EOS 485EX is UL HazLoc certified for installation in a Class I Div I. The unit is robust and will withstand extreme environments. The electronics are completely separate from the sensing head via an armored cable. Time to detection is 1 to 10 milliseconds. The speed of detection, coupled with its high sensitivity, make the EOS 485EX a formidable tool for any difficult environment that requires reliable leak detection.

Other products in this line include:

The field calibration box is equipped with an HMI and binding post connectors which provides the user with a display of calibrated and current sensor readings for single-point EOS systems. This product also allows air and water calibration of these single-point EOS systems.

The float accessory is a customer driven device which is a float for the probe. This float can be made in various styles.

To fit your specific needs, various sizes and types of adapters are offered to help attach the EOS 485EX sensor head to your system.

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