Company Overview

Cambria Corporation has been providing leading edge technological solutions to its clients for over 35 years. Cambria Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures custom OEM sensors and systems. Fueled by personal initiative and intellectual curiosity, Cambria creates innovative, problem-solving products for our clients.

Cambria’s high-performance sensors and systems are used in the telecom, petroleum, aerospace, and material handling industries. Cambria is a vertically integrated company with in-house mechanical and electronics design operations and advanced manufacturing capability with CNC machine centers, waterjet, multiple laser systems for polymer welding and optical fiber processing, and a very fast SMT line for printed circuit production. Cambria is certified ISO9001:2015, and we incorporate intelligent applications of Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise methods in our production.

A vision and a mission

Cambria Corporation designs for high customer satisfaction. The company has a tradition of providing its clients with solid leading-edge technological advances to their sensor requirements. Hand in hand with offering advanced sensors comes full engineering technical support. That statement translates into immediate support for a client by an engineering support team, not just an answering service!


Cambria Corporation was founded in 1981 as a technical consulting firm in Seattle. Based out of the University of Washington where all of the original founders were faculty members, the close working relationship of the group insured that each project received the most thorough planning, supervision, and review. A tradition of tight project management and rigorous intellectual analysis has become the trademark of the company.

Cambria Corporation