Environmental Sensors

Cambria designs and manufactures environmental sensors for the petroleum and aerospace industries. We have sensors that range from detecting oil and gas to detecting water in different states. All of our most current sensors are UL Class I Div I certified. Cambria is an expert at modifying an existing design or designing a new sensor to meet their customer's needs.

EOS (Environmental Optical Sensor) Family

EOS 485EX Discriminating Sensor and Series | DATA SHEET

Even though this sensor is in our EOS family, it has entire series of products based on one sensor. The Cambria EOS 485EX is a UL Class 1 Div 1 rated discriminating hydrocarbon detection sensor. It is a unique high performance optical sensor that will detect the presence of hydrocarbons and water, as well as other liquids. Transmits data via RS485 and has individual isolated relay contacts for Water and for Hydrocarbon Detection. The sensor is extremely robust and has a very high signal to noise ratio. Immune to sunlight, artificial lighting, vibration or RF noise. Requires simply a fused 24 vdc source, no external barriers.

Learn more about the EOS 485EX and the rest of the products in this line here!

EOS 120 Discriminating Sensor with Streaming Digital Data | DATA SHEET

The EOS 120 Discriminating Sensor has a very low profile and can fit flush against a wall. This unit is an alternative form factor to the EOS100 and is nearly half the length and half the width. Digital output only. UL Class I Div I.

EOS 100 Discriminating Sensor| DATA SHEET

The EOS 100 Discriminating Sensor accurately differentiates between hydrocarbons and water, with up to five independent and redundant detection points. This unit has a very high level of discrimination between water and fuels. PNP output alarms for water and fuel. All channels are configurable to report a variety of alarm scenarios. RS232 output plus water/fuel detection switches.

EOS 80 Discriminating Sensors| DATA SHEET

The EOS 80 Discriminating Sensor family provides single-channel detection with a variety of form factors. The form factor of the EOS80 allows substantial variation in package design and has lent itself to many applications in different environments. The sensor has been made as small as 3mm in diameter. The EOS80-HT is 6mm in diameter and operates continuously at 225 C and 200 bar (450 F at 3000 psi). The EOS80 Interstitial is the smallest discriminating interwall sensor available, less than a third of an inch in diameter (12mm to 8mm). Depths to 1000 feet, custom housing for greater depths

EOS 80-420 Discriminating Sensor

The EOS 80-420 Discriminating Sensor provides single or dual channel fluid detection. The sensor is a part of the EOS80 family. The sensor features high flexibility, very long length sensor (up to 50 ft) capable of extreme temperature and pressures (400F and 3000 psi). A variety of outputs are standard in each sensor: digital output in RS485 and RS422; RS4-20ma analog output, as well as an 0-10vdc analog output. The RS485 output allows for digital streaming and use of the EOS Calibration unit for real time monitoring and calibration. The 4-20ma output allows connection to traditional SCADA systems. The 0-10vdc analog out allows for a very easy data logging connection and in-field monitoring.

EOS 80-DCO Dispenser Cut-Off

The EOS80-DCO is a dispenser cut-off system for turbine pumps and similar applications. The unit will monitor the sump for leakage or liquid accumulation and upon detection will cut off the AC power to the dispenser. Uses the EOS 80 UL Class 1 Div 1 sensor technology. Probe is intrinsically safe. Requires no external monitor.

Pressure Sensors

CAM-400 Pressure Sensor Family| DATA SHEET

Oil sealed, ruggedized pressure sensor family. Accuracy of 0.1%. Maximum overpressure typically 1.5 operating pressure, burst pressure 2x max operating pressure. Stainless body and housing. Threads to spec. Pressures from 5psi to 1000psi