RF Testing Chambers

Cambria manufactures a modular fifth generation (5G) wireless network RF testing chamber. These testing chambers are unique in that they come in 34 inch sections and thus can be rolled into any lab space doorway. The sections are bolted and sealed together resulting in a better than 100db isolation. As each client has their own unique set of testing specifications and parameters, the chambers have been designed for easy modification and adaptation.

The Cambria 5G RF testing chambers feature:

Test Chamber Model Options

Standard Model Single Section
Optimum Application 5G, 4G, LTE, 3G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE
Typical Test Device Type Phone, Tablet Phone, Tablet
Frequency Range 0-40 GHz 0-40 GHz
Sections (each 34" wide) 2 to 4 1
Height 5ft 5ft
Depth 4ft 4ft
RF Signal Input Type N style, 2.92mm N style, 2.92mm
Communication Input Type USB, Ethernet USB, Ethernet
Radiation Protection 100 dB +/-10 90 dB +/-15

Standard Model Options A and B

Option A Option B
Transmitter Mobility Rotational, Lateral Rotational, Lateral
Test Device Mobility Rotational, Lateral Fixed
Number of Test Devices 1 Up to 16
Temperature/Humidity Monitoring No Yes
Drawing Option A

Non-Standard Add-ons: