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Cambria provides design, build and logistical support for the telecom industry. Originating with the Cambria Early Access Warning System, we have extended our range of sensors to include cell tower condition monitoring and intrusion. We design and build system test and RF signal conditioning systems. In addition, we provide design support services including circuit and cable design. Cambria has a complete facility for cable assembly manufacture, plus build, qualifcation and test for sub-component manufacture and test.


Cambria has developed specialized systems to secure high value environments. Contact the company directly for inquiries.

Engineering and Production Services

Cambria designs and produces a variety of sensors and equipment. From time to time a partner OEM company may request the design or fabrication of a specialty subsystem that requires Cambria expertise. This may include electronic subsystems, optical assemblies, precision laser welding of polymers, nano-laser bonding, precision robotic assembly, etc. Cambria does not offer contract manufacturing per se.

Cambria has the in-house capability of integrating a clients technology into a combined sensor or system. Examples include a simple integration of a proprietary interface to the integration of an EOS sensor into a large valve system.

Cambria has established a postal sorting equipment re-engineering group in North Texas with a design staff with deep experience in sensing, automation and sorting technologies. We are currently involved in designing improvements to current sorting machines, kit development and fleet-wide upgrades.

Postal Service Products and Services

The Cambria Texas Group provides products and technical services to the Postal Service industry. The CTG engineers have years of detailed, hands-on design and fabrication knowledge of current postal sorting equipment.

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More About Services

Cambria offers two corporate services to clients: Product Logistics, and System Refit and Upgrade. Product Logistics provides the service of contract acquisition, purchasing, storage and delivery of components and systems. The System Refit and Upgrade service provides engineering, upgrade and servicing to automation equipment, and is provided by our Cambria Texas Group in north Texas.