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EOS 100 Discriminating Sensor | Data Sheet

The EOS 100 Discriminating Sensor accurately differentiates between hydrocarbons and water, with up to five independent and redundant detection points. Very high level of discrimination. PNP output alarms for water, fuel.  All channels configurable to report a variety of alarm scenarios.

EOS 120 Discriminating Sensor with Streaming Digital Data | Data Sheet

The EOS 120 Discriminating Sensor. This unit is an alternative form factor to the EOS100 and is nearly half the length. Digital output only. Very low profile. UL Class I Div I.

EOS 80 Discriminating Sensor | Data Sheet

The EOS 80 Discriminating Sensor provides single-channel detection, with a variety of form factors. The form factor of the EOS80 allows substantial variation in package design and has lent itself to many applications in different environments. The sensor has been made as small as 3mm in diameter. The EOS80-HT is 6mm in diameter and operates continuosly at 225 C and 200 bar (450 F at 3000 psi). The EOS80 Interstitial is the smallest interwall sensor available, less than a third of an inch in diameter (12mm to 8mm).

Mark 1 Sensor Monitor | Data Sheet

The Mark I Monitor provides real-time monitoring of up to 8 sensors. Using a standard 4 wire communication protocol, the user can install a variety of sensors. The unit monitors and alarms locally, and securely records all environmental events. Data cannot be erased or tampered, will upload only to security certificate holder.

Water Sensor CAM-300W | Data Sheet

The EOS 300 Water Sensor accurately detects very small volumes of any water solution, including mud slurries. Custom units can detect to less than 1 milliliter of water.

EOS 80-DCO Dispenser Cut-Off

The EOS80-DCO is a dispenser cut-off system for turbine pumps and similar applications. The unit will monitor the sump for leakage or liquid accumulation and upon detection will cut off the AC power to the dispenser. Uses the EOS 80 UL Class 1 Div 1 sensor technology. Probe is intrinsically safe. Requires no external monitor.

CAM-400 Pressure Sensor | Data Sheet

Oil sealed, ruggedized pressure sensor. Accuracy of 0.1%. Maximum operating pressure of 500psi, max overpressure of 800 psi and burst pressure of 1000psi. Stainless body and housing. Threads to spec. Other sensors within same family 5psi to 1000psi.

OEM Humidity Sensor HTP-100 | Data Sheet

Low Cost OEM humidity and temperature sensor. Designed as a flexible OEM platform with a variety of power options, form factors and output options.


The Discrete sensor series detects semi-transparent objects at a rate of 1000 per minute. Range 3 to 12 inches. Dual lens configuration, narrow beam.

DEF-200V Vapor Sensor and Standard Hydrocarbon Vapor | Data Sheet

Cambria's vapor sensors  detect several types of hard to detect vapors. Our patented Differential Evanescent Fluoresence (DEF) technology provides a compact, robust means of detecting vapor and liquid with the same sensor as well as detecting two vapors at the same time. The standard Cambria absorption sensor will reliably detect hydrocarbons within seconds and reports out in both analog and digital modes.

CAM-DDTB Automation Sensor | Data Sheet

The DDTB model through-beam allows quick installation and adjustment for passageway detection, position detection of shuttles, etc


High speed edge detection sensor, narrow beam, two lens configuration

Liquid Flow Sensor

F500L. Medium-flow sensor designed to withstand harsh duty conditions. Saphire jeweled bearings, carbide rotors. Intrinsically safe. Frequency output with factory-adjustable pulse characteristics. Can be integrated with the Cambria Mark 1 monitor and the Cambria Remote Data Acquisition System.

Vapor Flow | Data Sheet

Vapor flow of dry to slightly humid gasses can be measured with the CAM-F550V Sensor. Designed for low flow rates in vapors. Intrinsically safe. Outputs include streaming, set-point alarms, event driven volume totals, custom outputs.

Warning Systems: CAM-1000C Early Warning Detection System

The CAM-1000C is designed for the early detection of water intrusion and/or vandalism in telecom systems, ensuring uninterrupted service.