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About Cambria Corporation

Since 1981, Cambria Corporation has been deeply involved in providing technological solutions to its clients. Cambria Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures custom sensors on an OEM basis.

Active use of Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma and ISO9000-governed procedures, coupled with respect for personal initiative, stimulates the development and manufacture of innovative, high-value products. Cambria's high-performance sensors are used both in industrial applications and in government projects. Cambria is a vertically integrated company with in-house mechanical and electronic design, wire bonding, vacuum seam-sealing, SMT circuit board manufacture and robotic assembly. Cambria is in the midst of developing what we call "Lean Automation" to incorporate the best aspects of robotics and skilled technicians.

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President Douglas Johnson, Ph.D.

Dr. Douglas Johnson co-founded Cambria Corporation in 1981 with five other faculty members of the University of Washington. He has worked as a research scientist, engineering development manager, consulting engineer, and other positions in academia, government, and the private sector, including Schlumberger, the National Science Foundation and Eaton Corporation. He holds numerous patents for sensor and optical technologies.