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Aerospace Sensors

Cambria liquid detection sensors have application in fuel tank and potable water tank systems. No compensation, no calibration required. Operates in any position. Single and multiple point sensors are available. Other applications include flight line maintanance systems, environmental monitoring, low-low and high level detection.


  • Meets FAA guidelines for in-tank sensing
  • Intrinsically safe. No conducting elements in-tank.
  • Comprehensive set of output conditions.
  • smallest sensors in industry

Vapor Flow | Data Sheet

Vapor flow of dry to slightly humid gasses can be measured with the CAM-F550V Sensor. Designed for low flow rates in vapors. Intrinsically safe. Outputs include streaming, set-point alarms, event driven volume totals, custom outputs.

Liquid Flow Sensor

F500L. Medium-flow sensor designed to withstand harsh duty conditions. Saphire jeweled bearings, carbide rotors. Intrinsically safe. Frequency output with factory-adjustable pulse characteristics. Can be integrated with the Cambria Mark 1 monitor and the Cambria Remote Data Acquisition System.