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Seattle, WA, 98133
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email: sales@cambriasensors.com

Engineering and Production Services

Cambria designs and produces a variety of sensors and equipment. From time to time a partner OEM company may request the design or fabrication of a specialty subsystem that requires Cambria expertise. This may include electronic subsystems, optical assemblies, precision laser welding of polymers, nano-laser bonding, precision robotic assembly, etc. Cambria does not offer contract manufacturing per se.

Cambria has the in-house capability of integrating a clients technology into a combined sensor or system. Examples include a simple integration of a proprietary interface to the integration of an EOS sensor into a large valve system.

Cambria has established a postal sorting equipment re-engineering group in North Texas with a design staff with deep experience in sensing, automation and sorting technologies. We are currently involved in designing improvements to current sorting machines, kit development and fleet-wide upgrades.